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Apply Claim

How to apply claim

personalize claim setting 1
  1. First, login into login.bmo.my.
  2. Click e-claim.
  3. From the list, click apply claim.

** Per Entry can submit for Multiple Claims as well as include attachments (JPEG,PNG,GIF)

  1. Fill in the claim title and the remark.
  2. Next, in the claim form you click choose file to include attachment.
  3. Then, insert the claim amount and tax.
  4. You can click delete button if you want to delete certain row.
  5. You can see the total claim amount at the bottom left of your claim form.
  6. Next click save & email buttons for email notifications to authorized superior for approval.
  1. Authorized superior can see new claim application.
  2. Authorized superior click to view the attachment (if any) at attachment column.
  3. Authorized superior will select APPROVE @ REJECT for the claim application.
  1. Authorized superior can click ACTION button to make decision either Approved or Reject.
  2. Then, authorized superior can click DETAIL to view more claim application info.
  3. Next, click submit.
  1. After that, claim application status update email will send to staff email.