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qr fingerprint device

QR-FP is a device that captures attendance with the Fingerprint and QR-Code. There are two models of QR-FP devices. The main difference is the capacity of fingerprint memory. QR-FP300 has a capacity of 300 fingerprints, and QR-FP1000 has a capacity of 1000 fingerprints.

qr fp fingerprint scan qr

It has two ways to capture attendance with QR-FP. The employees can use their fingerprint to log in attendance or scan QR-code with BizCloud App. Local internet is required for QR-code scanning and data capturing. Lastly, the admin can retrieve the attendance data from the web browser.

How to use QR Fingerprint

You can connect to the QR-FP with a web browser such as Chrome or Edge.
Create New Employee Profile

1. Go to the given web portal 192.168.x.xxx/hr

2. Employee > New Employees

3. Fill in the necessary information and click Save

Connect QR Fingerprint to Internet

1. Press Window Key > Preferences > WiFi Configuration

2. Select wlan0. Press Scan

3. Double Click on the selected WiFi

4. Insert Password and press Enter

Enroll Fingerprint

1. Click Enroll button, and key in admin username and password

2. Key in a Fingerprint ID and click Submit

3. Place the employee’s finger on the sensor

4. Enroll fingerprint done. Once enrolled, may start to use the device by scanning their fingerprints