eLeave Philippines

Effortless Leave Management: Streamline Your Leave Processes with Our Advanced Features

The key to successful e-Leave HRM System Software implementation is the flexibility of the system. Our e-Leave HRM system continuously evolves around our customers. We welcome our customers to demand our developer team to fulfill their requirements, and so on, we keep building a better solution for all.

How Can Our Leave Management Features Benefit You?

snap leave

Snap Photos of Leave Attachment

  • Easily attach photos of documents for your leave application.
  • Use the mobile app to snap and attach any supporting documents, such as medical certificates or reports, directly to your leave application.

Accessible from Mobile App and Web Browser

  • Our system is cloud-hosted, offering flexibility for your business.
  • With our user-friendly employee self-service portal, employees can easily apply for leave through the mobile app in just a few steps.
  • Access our system via a web browser or the Bizcloud App, available for download on the App Store (iOS, Android, and Huawei).

Automated Leave Calculation

  • Our system features automated leave calculation, allowing employees to easily check their leave balances.
  • Employees can access their leave policy to understand their leave entitlements.
  • Our system is configured according to government regulations, years of service, and any other company policies.
  • Unpaid leave is automatically calculated based on employees’ monthly salaries.

Multi-level Approval and Email Notification

  • Our system supports multi-level approval within the same or different levels (AND/OR).
  • Email notifications are sent to the first-level approver, and after approval, another notification is sent to the second-level approver.
  • HR admins can require applicants to attach supporting documents.
  • At each level, you can choose to have one or multiple approvers, either requiring all to grant approval or just one to proceed.

Calendar View

  • All company events, employee leaves, and public holidays are displayed in a single calendar with different categories, providing a clear view for HR to monitor and plan effectively.

Work Pattern

  • Our system allows HR to create multiple work patterns based on company policies.
  • Work patterns can be configured for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even alternate week schedules.
  • Work patterns enable the system to accurately calculate lateness, extra work hours, absences, and more

Multiple Leave Types

  • Our system includes various built-in leave types, such as annual leave, advanced leave, maternity leave, and more.
  • You can create additional leave types based on your company policy.
  • Each leave type offers multiple options, including monthly accrual, single use, carry forward allowances, and advance application requirements.
  • Each leave type can be linked to a parent leave type (e.g., advanced leave taken will deduct from annual leave).

Employee Type

  • HR can set different leave entitlements for various employee types. For example, unconfirmed employees may have different annual leave allocations and may not be entitled to advanced leave, unlike confirmed employees.