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Mobile Attendance App

Our mobile attendance app allows employees to clock in, out, and record lunch breaks via their smartphones. The app detects GPS locations, ensuring employees clock in at the correct location with our Geo-Fencing features. Rest assured, your attendance tracking will be accurate and secure.

Cost-Effective Mobile Attendance App for Businesses of All Sizes

Our mobile attendance app uses GPS to accurately track employee clock-in locations, ensuring they are at the correct site and not falsifying their attendance. With Geo-Fencing, you can set specific clock-in areas to prevent location fraud and maintain reliable attendance records.

Mobile Attendance App Key Features

We offer everything you need to manage your employees’ attendance

  • GPS Attendance Tracking

    Leverage GPS technology to track employee attendance accurately. HR administrators can monitor clock-in locations, ensuring precise and accountable attendance records.

  • Geo-Fencing Control

    HR administrators can set specific areas for employee clock-ins, enhancing attendance accuracy for remote work, office settings, or client meetings

  • GPS Attendance with Selfie

    GPS Attendance with Selfie The GPS Attendance System with Photo Attachment enhances HR’s ability to efficiently track remote and field-based employees, ensuring precise attendance verification.

  • Device Locking

    With our mobile app attendance allows HR from effectively preventing buddy punching issues because our system have a device locking feature that restricting clock-ins to a designated device.

  • Multiple Geo Fencing Locations

    Set up multiple geo-fenced areas for different employee types or different branches, allowing clock-ins within specific boundaries.

  • AI Based Attendance System

    Our AI-based attendance system automatically detects lateness and overtime hours, ensuring accurate and efficient time tracking.

  • Workday Patterns

    Our attendance system is able to accommodate various workday patterns, such as flexible schedules, shift work, part-time schedules, or specific time-based arrangements.

  • Push Notification for HR Administrator

    When employees clock in or out using our mobile app attendance, HR administrators receive notifications with geo-fencing alerts indicating if the action occurred within set boundaries. Clock-ins outside these boundaries are automatically marked as failed.

How GPS Attendance with Selfie Works?

Reliable Attendance System for Remote and Hybrid Companies

  • Accurate Employee Tracking

    Our system offers GPS tracking with photo attachment. Employees must take a selfie or on-site picture during check-ins, ensuring HR can verify attendance, especially for remote or off-site work.

  • Prevent Fake Check-ins

    Requiring a photo alongside GPS tracking prevents fake check-ins. Employees must capture and submit real-time images, ensuring they are actually on-site and not just nearby.

  • Device Binding for Security

    Each employee's account is bound to a single device, preventing access to another employee’s account and ensuring genuine attendance records.

  • Prohibit Pre-Saved Photo

    Our App prohibits employees from using the gallery photos for check-ins, requiring real-time image capture, preventing misuse of pre-saved images.

  • Convenient Cloud-Based Tracking

    All attendance data, including photos, is stored in the cloud. HR can easily access and track check-ins through the HRM e-leave website from anywhere, at any time.

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