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Boost Your Business with Smart SMS Solutions

All-in-One SMS Solutions

Works for any business size and adapts to your needs, from basic alerts to full marketing and secure logins.

One Click Subscription

Create QR codes or links with U20.Me to help your customers sign up easily. The QR code connects to a form they fill out to subscribe.

Reliable SMS Service

With iSMS corporate SMS service, you can count on fast and reliable delivery. Just make sure the phone numbers are correct, and we’ll handle the rest efficiently.

Email to SMS

The email to SMS feature lets applications send SMS alerts to multiple users without changing your current process.

Sub Account, Department, Multi-users

The Bulk SMS Malaysia team knows sub-accounts are great for growing companies. You can give credits to each sales agent’s sub-account for their SMS marketing.

Mobile App SMS OTP / Verification

OTP (one-time password) is used by mobile apps (Android or iOS) to check a user's phone number. With iSMS, you can easily send OTPs through our API. Just sign up, verify your details, and you're set up quickly.

Two-Factor Authentication API

Two-factor authentication (2FA) uses a password and a mobile phone for extra security. iSMS 2FA sends a one-time PIN by SMS to protect your web apps.

Global Coverage

iSMS provides SMS services in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We are confident in providing you with the best and most reliable SMS service in this region. Our SMS engine is capable of doing even more for you as we can send SMS to most of the Telcos worldwide.

Why Choose Us?


Straightforward, easy to use, and supports multiple programming languages. Use HTTPS methods for free with your iSMS account.

2 way SMS

iSMS uses 4G so customers can reply to your SMS through a web form. Benefits include no limit on reply to length and tracking which phone numbers respond.

Free Demo Upon Request

Get a free demo by request to see how it works before you decide.

Quick Step to Using iSMS

Start to interact with your customers now. With simple steps, iSMS provides you with a powerful tool that helps you with your business. See how our customers use iSMS to increase their sales and maintain valuable customer loyalty.





Purchase iSMS Credits

PackagesPrice Per SMS (USD)Total Amount (USD)
1,000 subscriptions0.047USD 47
3,000 subscriptions0.045
USD 135
5,000 subscriptions0.044USD 218
10,000 subscriptions0.041USD 413
20,000 subscriptions0.039USD 780
35,000 subscriptions0.036USD 1260
50,000 subscriptions0.034USD 1725
100,000 subscriptions0.033USD 3300
300,000+ creditsContact Us for Quote!
Note: We reserve the right to change the feature, function, price and agreement without prior notice

Business SMS Marketing

iSMS has been supporting over 6000 Malaysian businesses with SMS services since 2007. We offer everything from SMS shortcodes to reliable SMS, two-way SMS, and SMS to email. Our expert team is here to help. Contact us today to start bulk SMS marketing for your products.