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Guides:Attendance System

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Download and Install the driver of the fingerprint reader and the latest version of BMO HRM System Software. Connect the fingerprint reader to the Attendance system.
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Fingerprint Enrollment

Launch and log in to the BMO Attendance application. The employee’s detail will be shown after synchronization. Register finger-print for each employee on the tablet itself (supports up to 2 finger-print). Note: Unchecked magnetic and fingerprint scanner in settings for the next new finger-print enrollment.
manage employee multiple branch

Some companies have multiple branches, for example,  Mindanao, Manila, Luzon and Tagalog. BizCloud HRM can help you to manage these employees smoothly even if your employees from multiple locations. With BizCloud HRM, it helps you manage employee’s leave and attendance from different locations/branches.

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Go to Employee > Attendance > Attendance List.
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Go to Employee > Attendance > Attendance List.
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Attendance Type

Create and define a rule for each attendance type under Employee> Attendance >Attendance Type. For example, “fault if later” rule applies to “check-in”; “fault if earlier” rule applies to “check out”.

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Attendance List

You can view the full attendance list on web-based application under Employee> Attendance >Attendance List after synchronization. Admins can do adjustment if needed.

Attendance Summary

Get full attendance details from Employee > Attendance > Attendance Summary and export it into Excel file for tracking and reporting purposes.