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Every institution needs a good system to track student attendance. Logging each entry by hand is time-consuming and the records take up valuable space. Student Attendance System has a practical, easy-to-use software package that makes student attendance, absences, and tracking much simpler. By using this Student Attendance module with Fingerprint Scanner, it helps to capture student’s attendance accurately. With so many options and capabilities, the Students Attendance System is the obvious choice for colleges, schools, tuition centers, and universities!

Suitable For

colleges Colleges
tuition centre Tuition Centers
tuition academy Academy
colleges Colleges
universities Universities
performing arts Performing Arts

Key Features

  • Track student attendance
  • Fingerprint scanner, scanning QR code using Bizcloud App to capture attendance accurately
  • Link directly to student information
  • SMS to notify parents of student attendance

Comprehensive Report

  • Lecturer will be able to generate students attendance reports every day to track the absence, latecomers, etc for each class
  • This software can even keep track of tardies, letting teachers know if specific students are frequently late to class
  • Students start class on time, so its indicated in green color, those who are latecomers are highlighted in red color, and medical leave in yellow color and so on
  • Student Attendance System is Capable to Track Student’s Fixed or Dynamic Class Schedule

Schedule Example

Fixed Schedule (A schedule is shared among the batch of students)






08:30 – 10:30English English 
10:30 – 12:30 Physics Math
14:30 – 16:30Math Malay 

Dynamic Schedule (Every student picks their schedule)

Student A

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
08:30 – 10:30 Science 101 English 301
10:30 – 12:30 Malay 200 Math 201 Operation 120
14:30 – 16:30 Math 201
16:30 – 18:30 Statistic 101

Student B

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
08:30 – 10:30 Economy 101 Operation 120 English 301
10:30 – 12:30 Math 201 Operation 120
14:30 – 16:30 Computer 101 Malay 200
16:30 – 18:30 Math 101 Statistic 101