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e-Leave HRM is a full-fledged and comprehensive HR management system covering multiple essential modules.

e-Leave HRM, online and offline leave management system developed by BizCloud Asia Sdn Bhd. We designed the HRM system that scales easily from SME to large businesses and the cloud HR software with just one aim in mind. The leave management application is developed with continuous effort to ultimately help companies reduce tedious and repetitive HR paperwork.

Bizcloud Asia Sdn Bhd

BizCloud Asia Sdn Bhd is a company that focuses on providing the best business solutions for SMEs. We begin our operation in the year 2014. BizCloud aims to build cloud solutions for corporate. Today we are operating in Luzon, Manila, and Tagalog. With three branches, we can serve our customers well and help them to reduce costs and increase productivity. Two main products are being developed and supported by BizCloud. The POS system with the brand POSMarket.com.my and HRM solution with the brand eleave.ph.
eleave ph

eleave.ph is a full human resource management software that covers e-leave, e-claim and attendance. The software is a web application hosted in our data center.

The system has been running and serving many companies in Philippines since 2017. It is an essential part of our company’s operation as it eases our HR admin, and help reduce our employee’s paperwork. We always strive to provide great software that is budget and powerful for our clients.

The POSMarket.com.my provides full features POS solution for SME. What distinguishes us from our competitors?
  1. We provide complete hardware for our customers. The hardware is all tested and maintained by our team and our brand.
  2. We are servicing a few thousand customers with our POS software which extend from retail, food and beverages, workshops, pharmacy, optical store, hardware shops, canteen and more.
  3. We offer 3 years software online support for free. Furthermore, our software is free to upgrade and offered a one-time payment scheme.

Support Team

We make sure our customers are well assisted, and we have been supporting thousands of customer that uses all range of our products.

Support Operational Hours:
Monday – Fri : 8.30am – 8.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday: 2.00pm – 6.00pm

Tel: +604 642 0621 / +603 2780 3880 / +607 361 8927
Email: sales@bizcloud.asia

Online Demo & Support

If you have a problem, call us. We will help you via Team Viewer PC to solve your problems.

Cloud HR Software Programming

Employees are the strength of the organisation. Every company has ground business rules or an employee handbook to ensure all employees are taken care of. Our expert HRM System developer team will innovate various possible solutions to resolve your problems.

Feel free to send us your requests at sales@bizcloud.asia and if its something other companies could use, we’ll gladly add the features into our cloud HR software for you. Benefiting everyone who uses the system. No hidden terms. Free of charge. Please do approach our team and allow us to understand your issues first.

e leave professionals cloud hrm system

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