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It is a great feature for a company that practices work from home or has employees work outside the office. This feature can help HR to track employees more efficiently and systematically.

GPS Locations and Photos

Most companies require a reliable attendance system to track employee attendance, especially for those who work from home or work outside the office. HR might find it difficult to trace their attendance because they will not know whether the employees had attended the meeting. BizCloud Attendance offers a feature in which employees require to capture an on-site picture, a selfie, or anything along with their check-ins attendance. This feature allows HR to track their employees based on their GPS locations and photos.

reliable attendance system

Reliable Attendance System

BizCloud App has GPS tracking with a photo attachment feature. It allows the employees to submit an image when they arrive at the client site or anywhere. This feature is crucial especially involves employees that work outside the office. With only GPS tracking, you are unable to ensure the employee meets the client. They might check-in nearby the premises instead of entering the premises. With this feature, it can prevent fake check-in or check-out during business trips or client meetings.

prevent fake check in

Prevent Fake Check-in Another Employee

This feature enables the system to record the employee’s photos instead of only their GPS location. The employees must upload a selfie when check-ins attendance outside. It is advantageous as it can prevent fake check-in in favour of another employee. Additionally, BizCloud app allows each employee account binds with a device only, which can prevent them from accessing another employee account for fake attendance purpose.

prohibit photo from gallery

Prohibit Photo Submission from Gallery

BizCloud App will prohibit the employee from choosing a photo from their gallery during the attendance submission. It is compulsory to capture an image on the spot and submit it to the app. This feature prevents them from trying to capture multiple different images and save them in gallery for next time usage.

easy attendance tracking

Easy Attendance Tracking

BizCloud is a cloud-based system where all the employee attendance records are stored in the cloud. It is convenient for HR to view their employee’s check-in date, time, locations and photo attachments through HRM e-leave website. Tracking employee attendance can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

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gps attendance with photo

Press on “Attendance” button

gps attendance with photo

Press on “Select Attendance Type”

gps attendance with photo

Take a photo

gps attendance with photo

Select attendance type

gps attendance with photo

Click “OK” to submit your attendance