eLeave Philippines

BMO is able to integrate Google Drive as storage media. With this integration, you can upload any documents or images into our system. It is crucial as most companies need the feature of uploading claim receipts, medical receipts, or medical certificates into the system. Our system can fulfill this requirement. You may read more about how to integrate BizCloud HRM with Google Drive.

Let’s see how our system stores your document in Google Drive. Firstly, the employees submit their sick leave application with a medical certificate.

Cloud Storage 1

Then, when you sign in to your Google Drive account, you will see the document is stored inside there.

You can view the attachment in our system directly, even though they are saved in Google Drive. You only need to click on View Attachment to view the medical certificate before doing approval.

All documents are stored securely in Google Drive, and you can access them anywhere at any time.
You can always purchase extra storage from Google Drive if you have used up to 15GB. So, no need to worry about the storage capacity of your documents.