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Different level of employees in the organization has different types of leave entitlement. The leave entitlement for an employee is solely based on the organization’s leave policy. Hence, in the HRM e-Leave System, you must create a New Leave Type and Assign Leave Types to respective employees. By completing the necessary settings in the HRM e-Leave System you can now link your employee’s leave type for their leave entitlement based on their years in the company.

Scenario 1
Confirmed Staff will have 15 days of annual leave. Hence, in the HRM e-Leave System, you can create a New Leave Type named ‘Confirmed Staff’ and enter the details. After the New Leave Type is completed, the Human Resources will Assign Leave Types to Confirmed Staffs in the company.

Scenario 2
Unconfirmed Staff is unable to apply for annual leave as they are still under probation. Therefore, Human Resources will create a New Leave Type for ‘Unconfirmed Staff’. The Human Resources will Assign Leave Types to Unconfirmed Staffs, restricting them from using Annual leaves during the probationary period.

Scenario 3
Leave entitlement for staff who worked for more than three years in an organization. For those staff who served the organization for more years, they will be entitled to more leave entitlement. Human Resources will also create another New Leave Type and Assign it to this group of employees.