eLeave Philippines

HR Solution for Philippines

Simplify your HR tasks with our all-in-one system. Manage attendance, eClaims, and eLeave easily. Boost productivity and stay compliant with our HR solution designed for businesses in the Philippines.

Enable Flexibility and Secure Attendance Data with our Mobile Attendance App.

Our Mobile Attendance App lets employees clock in and out directly from their mobile devices with GPS location capture. HR can see where each employee clocks in and set Geo-fencing rules. For example, sales staff can clock in anywhere, while office staff can only clock in at the office. This ensures accurate attendance tracking and prevents cheating.

Ensure Secure Attendance with Biometric Attendance Devices 

Our advanced hardware Attendance System offers face recognition, fingerprint, and QR code scan devices, tailored to your business needs. It ensures accurate, secure clock-ins, with real-time data syncing to the cloud for seamless HR monitoring. Biometric data prevents buddy punching, while AI tracks lateness, total working hours, and overtime. Simplify attendance management and enhance security with our state-of-the-art solution.

TF-150 Attendance System

Capture time attendance using facial recognition technology, available for both online and offline.

QR-WFP Attendance System

Capture attendance with our fingerprint-enabled system and QR code scanning. Online and offline.

QR-GPS Attendance System

Capture employee attendance through QR code scanning or mobile GPS mapping, online use only.

Enable Flexible and Efficient Claim Progress with Our E-Claim System

Effortlessly manage and monitor employee claim submissions with our E-Claim Management System. Employees can upload receipts and apply for claims using their smartphones. The system offers rich features like claim limits, multiple claim types, and multi-level approvals. HR can set limits, receive push notifications, and approve requests with one click, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

Effortlessly Manage Leave Progress with Our E-Leave Management System

Effortlessly manage and monitor employee leave requests. Employees can easily apply for leave through the mobile app, attaching photos of documents like medical certificates or flight tickets. HR receives push notifications for leave requests and can quickly approve or reject them. Employees are notified of the decision via email, ensuring a seamless and efficient leave management process.