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Multi Level Leave Approval

setup multi level leave approval


Certain organizations require a multi-level leave approval for employee leave applications. A “Multi-Level Leave Approval” is when an employee’s leave application has to be approved by a few levels in the company. The approval levels can be 1st Level: Human Resources/Administration, 2nd Level: Supervisor/Manager, and 3rd Level: Head of Department. The level can be more and less and can be any position in the organization to approve leave, which depends on every organization’s policy. This multi-level approval setup can be done quickly with the HRM e-Leave System.

For example, a company has set 3 levels of approval for an employee’s leave application in the HRM e-Leave System. Cindy applies for her annual leave in the company. After applying for leave online, her leave will have to be approved by the Human Resources Department, Supervisor, and Head of Department.
If all levels approve her leave, Cindy will get to on-leave.
If the “Supervisor” rejects the application, Cindy is unable to leave.