eLeave Philippines

Earn Leave by Monthly and Yearly



The annual leave entitlement for each employee is based on the company’s Human Resources policy. Some company has a policy for employees to earn their leave entitlement by monthly or by yearly. Without an excellent Human Resources (HR) system, the HR will have to calculate the earned leaves for every employee manually. They have to process all leave applications manually as well.

But with the HRM e-Leave System, Human Resources can do all these without hassle. For every staff in the organization, the HR can set whether the employee can earn leaves monthly or yearly, hence the system will auto-calculate the leave entitlement. The HRM e-Leave System will calculate the leave automatically based on the employee’s joint date and also based on the leave matrix table.

For earned leave based on a monthly basis, it is usually calculated on a pro-rated basis. For example, the staff is entitled to 18 days of annual leave per year. Hence, every month the staff is eligible for 1.5 days of annual leave. This monthly basis can be applied to new staff who are unconfirmed staff who recently joined the company, where their annual leaves will be pro-rated.

Whereas for yearly entitlement, the employee will obtain a full 18 days of annual leave per year. And the employee can use it flexibly. But that depends on the company’s policy.