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Burn Carry Forward Leaves

carry forward leave from last year to burn in certain day


Some organizations allow employees to carry forward their unapplied leave from last year to the following year. But with terms that they have to use up the carry forward leaves within a time frame.

Hence, in the HRM e-Leave System, Human Resources can set on how many unused days carry forward leave to be burned within the time frame. Based on different company policies, some companies will burn all carried forward leave within 1 month or a few days of leave within 1 month.

For example, Company B allows its employees to carry forward five days of leave from the year 2019 to the year 2020. According to Company B’s policy, the 5 days carry forward of leaves will be burned if the employee did not use it within 3 months. Hence, the HR in Company B has to set in the HRM e-Leave System that every employee who carries forward their leaves has to use it within 3 months.