eLeave Philippines

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere



The HRM e-Leave System is a cloud system where Human Resources Department staff or top management can access it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Employers can access the HRM e-leave system anywhere and anytime when they want to check their employees’ time attendance sheet, any staff on leave, or anyone on sick leave. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the employers can access the system to check who work on rotation shift or work from home from the work pattern set. Even the employer is not in the office, he/she can check the time attendance sheet anywhere.

Besides that, it gives employees convenience to access the system to check leave applications, leave history, leave availability and public holiday calendar. Employees who want to apply for leave can be done anywhere and anytime without the need to go into the office.

This HRM e-Leave System, which is cloud-based, gives employers and employees a hassle-free way to deal with leave applications, time attendance, and many more. It is essential for organizations to have a systematic HRM software to manage their employees, reduce human errors, and reduce the need to hire more staff.