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QR Fingerprint For Attendance Tracking

QR Fingerprint Attendance System; user-friendly and fast response to capture the attendance of your employees. This is simple yet perfect fingerprint biometric with QR code time attendance device is ideal for human resources or administration in monitoring employees’ time attendance and processing timesheets more efficiently.

QR-FP is designed to give employers and employees options to clock in and out of the organization. It is designed to be used by average computer users as there is no software installation required, which means that you can access the system to get the data quickly! Check out below for the benefits of this QR-FP!

qrfp1000 attendance system malaysia


For 1000 Employees


For 300 Employees

QR-FP & QR-GPS Attendance System Comparison

PropertiesQR Fingerprint Attendance System (QR-FP)QR GPS Attendance System (QR-GPS)
Product  qr fp1000 attendance systemqr fp 300 attendance systemqr gps attendance system malaysia
Device5″ display with touch screen3.5″ TFT Resistive Touch Screen
Operation ModeStandalone (Offline)Online
Employee CapacityUp to 1,000Unlimited*
Identification ModeFingerprint & QR CodeQR Code & GPS
GPS Location Based AttendanceNoYes
SoftwareSoftware LicenseE-Leave HRM System Monthly Subscription
Data ViewingWithin the premise (must be the same network)Anywhere and anytime with internet connection
ConnectivityWi-FiWi-Fi & Cloud
Bizcloud AppGoogle Play Store and Apple App Store
Exportable DataYes
Free Online SupportYes

*Basic subscription: 50 Employees. Next tier: 50 – 100 employees. Consult us if you have more than 100 employees!

QR Fingerprint Time Attendance Management System Philippines

Convenient check-ins or attendance tracking through QR codes for event participants such as students, business delegates, event sponsors, employees, or VIPs. Great tool for event organizers to facilitate large scale events and efficiently allocate human resources for other purposes such as event promotion.

qr fp qr gps mobile apps

Mobile Apps

BizCloud App is the flagship app that help the employee to scan the attendance QR generated from the QR-FP and QR-GPS. The mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store. The user shall download the application, and then key in their username and password, the next time, the user will be using the App to scan the QR code generated from the device.

fingerprint attendance system

Fingerprint Attendance

Capture attendance with just one finger! A simple fingerprint biometric time attendance system does not require you to remember any username, passwords, or to bring your employee ID to work. With only one-touch, employees can clock in and out easily using fingerprint. Or another way is to clock in using fingerprint and clock out using QR code; and vice versa.

qr gps attendance system save cost

Save Cost

The fingerprint and generated QR code in the QR-FP attendance system result in reducing company cost since they do not need to provide employee access cards or RFID employee ID badges. From there, the company can minimize their spending as this QR code attendance system allows the organization to keep track of the employee’s attendance by only using their smartphone and fingerprint.

qr gps attendance system multi platforms

Bizcloud App in Multi-Platforms

This QR-FP attendance system works efficiently on both popular smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS. Employees can install the Bizcloud App from the App Store and Google Play Store for free. We will always update our Bizcloud App from time to time to give you the best experience in using our Bizcloud App! So make sure to always update it from the App Store and Google Play Store.

qr gps attendance system easy tracking

Easy Attendance Tracking

QR-FP offers two types of identification method which simplifies employees entry and exit of the company by fingerprint and scanning QR code using Bizcloud App. There is no software installation needed to get the timesheet data. Therefore, the timesheet attendance data can be obtained online within the same premise, which means must be the same internet connection. The timesheet data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, and you can process it, or you can do your own report formatting based on your liking!

software lifetime license

Software License

This device comes with a built-in software license, hence there is no need to install and learn another software. It is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for all average computer users. Data collection can be obtained easily as long as it is within the same premise, which means the device and computer must have the same internet connection.