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P1500 Attendance System


e-Leave HRM System enables you to log in from any device to check the employee’s attendance record from anywhere at any time! The perfect solution for companies with multiple work locations or branches. P1500 Attendance System with discounted pricing for your convenience. No more complicated attendance system, as it enables easy storage and fully secured access to data anytime, anywhere. The combination of these two attendances devices offers great scalability, adaptability, and automatic upgrades of the system.

Bizcloud Asia help SME by making their HR process easier. We do that with combination of hardware devices and software. BEST robust, P1500, finger print attendance system. This package comes with:


P1500 U Are U Fingerprint Reader4500
Resolution: 1920*1200 px Resolution: 512dpi
OS: Windows 10 Home (license is included) OS: Windows,Linux, Java,Android
CPU: Intel Core i3-5005U Image crawl area: 14.6mm (center standard width); 18.1mm (standard length)
CPU speed: up to 2GHz 8-bit grayscale
Multi-touch: 10 points touch Sensor: Optical Sensor
Storage: 180GB M.2 SSD 8-bit grayscale
RAM: 8GB FAR<0.0001% | FFR<1%
I/O Port: Micro SD, USB: Type A USB3.0 , USB2.0, LAN RJ45, Audio output, HDMI output, RS232, VESA holes Interface : USB1.1, compatible with USB1.0,1.1,2.0 full speed


The P1500 is running eleaveHRM attendance system which can record all attendance. The data is then presented directly to CSV or Excel format. You can directly open the attendance file in Excel.

**Offline Philippines Attendance System allows you to see the employee in out time and total hours at the Attendance System.

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