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Automated BMO FaceT Contactless Temperature Measurement Fit for Worldwide MNC Office Building, Singapore Malls, Philippines Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, SME Office, School, Restaurant Entry Points. Fully integrated with HRM System (e.g. Employee Attendance System ). Our BMO FaceT is currently Ready Stock with Fast Installation service to meet current market demands, especially during the Covid-19 situation.

Face Temperature Scanner Key Features

Suitable for face recognition health screen terminal use at any premise. Contactless, safe, efficient, and accurate measurement.
face recognition

Face Recognition

detect body temperature
Detect Body Temperature
face mask identification
Face Mask Identification
temperature alerts
Temperature Alerts

Face Recognition Thermal Scanner Demo Photos And Video

Face Recognition Terminal with forehead fever and no mask detection demo.
bmo faceT face temperature scanner multiple alerts face recognition
faceT face temperature scanner face recognition software
Face Temperature Scanner Software

How You Can Use The BMO FaceT

Multiple ways to secure your environment and keep your premise healthy.
stranger body temperature scanner
Stranger Body Temperature Scanner
contactless attendance system 2
Employee Contactless Attendance System
offline standalone attendance system 4
Offline Standalone Attendance System

BMO FaceT Face Temperature Scanner

₱ 37,888 

single bmo facet device

Single BMO FaceT Device

Size8 inch, IPS LCD screen
Network Interface1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port
Face DetectionYes
Stranger detectionSupported
Temp. detection distance0.5m~0.8m
Temp. measurement accuracy≤ ±0.25℃

Metal Pole

₱ 5,999  

standing pole face temperature

Standing Pole For FaceT

The elegant metal pole is fitted perfectly for the BMO FaceT device. It is tall to reach the face of standard human height for comfortable facial scanning.

Stranger Body Temperature Scanner

BMO FaceT will be able to scan the temperature of strangers. Each stranger will be recorded in the database. Photo, date time, and temperature are captured. You can set the device to force strangers to wear masks or not. The administrator can retrieve data from software, export to CSV, or other formats for further actions.

Record photo, alert body temperature, with or a without mask.
face temperature scanner attendance entry gateway
employee contactless attendance system

Employee Contactless Attendance System

Attendance date time records, alert body temperature, with or without a mask.

Let’s reduce the risk for your employee. With BMO FaceT, you can now record your employee attendance without contacts like a traditional fingerprint or access card. You just need to enter the employee information into the system, use the FaceT to enroll it, and start to use the attendance system.

Offline Standalone Attendance System

Download attendance records

If you don’t want to pay monthly fees for the cloud system, you can use the offline standalone mode. Which you just need to download the attendance record and then use it with your current system. The set up is easy and does not need much intervention.

offline standalone attendance system